Verse 1: G D/F# Em7 Jesus, Beautiful Savior D/F# C God of all majesty G/B Am7 D Risen King Verse 2: G Lamb of God D/F# Em7 Holy and Righteous D/F# C Blessed Redeemer G/B Am7 Bright morning star Pre-Chorus: D G/B C All the heavens shout your praise D G/B C Em7 D All creation bow to wor–ship you Chorus: G D/F# Em7 How wonderful, how beautiful D/F# C Name above every name G/B Am7 Em7 D/F# ex—-alted high G D/F Em7 How wonderful,  how beautiful D/F# C Am7 Jesus your name, C Em7 D Gsus G Name above eve—ry name, Je–sus Bridge: G Em7 C Am7 D I will sing forever, Jesus I love you, Jesus I love you G Gsus Jesus, Beautiful Savior